Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend Fun

Last weekend the boys were at grandma’s so we took full advantage of the weekend.  If you like beer, which I do not but the other half does, you can have a fun Saturday afternoon at Rahr Brewery in Ft. Worth.  It is a free thing, however, if you want to purchase a $5 glass you get 3 tokens and a big glass to “taste” the beers.  I don’t think they keep tabs on the tokens because I thought hubster put them in and he thought I did, nobody ever said anything to us.  The best part of this place, for me, was the BBQ sandwiches from Longoria’s BBQ.  OH MY GOODNESS.  YUMMY!  There isn’t any chairs but I did notice people brought their own and camped out in the back.




Babe’s in Roanoke

That evening we went to Babe’s.  It’s a local “must” we had been told.  You bring your own cooler stocked with beer and wait outside in the chairs. The 1 hour wait outside was the best.   I wonder what people think when they leave their house, do they even care.  I’m no fashionista  and I’ve been known to not look my best when I leave the house but I have NEVER assembled my wardrobe this strangely.  She is listening to an ipod so she is bound to be somewhat with the times but why oh, why does she have on socks and sandals and to show them off wear athletic capris?  I was waiting for the What Not to Wear to swope in and grab her, I know they had to be taping it.

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