Monday, July 27, 2009

Mousepad Makeover

So I saw a glimpse of Chris’s mouse pad in her classroom and decided if she had a cute one I needed to have one. I confess I am a copycat girl.  So I googled a few places and couldn’t find  anything I wanted buy which led me to making my own with the help of of my new favorite blogs).  I didn’t even know what Mod Podge was….I know your mouths are wide open in utter shock.  I’m here to tell you I am not a crafty person.  I love the outcome but to actually do it it’s just not me.  She got me to thinking I could just use some cute scrapbook paper and mod podge it to the mouse pad.  So that’s what I did.  I would have used fabric but I have not figured out where all these girls get the super cute fabric.  I have looked at Hobby Lobby  and JoAnne Fabrics here and they don’t carry it.  Past that I’m not sure where to look.  Let me know where you go.   What do you think? You don’t have to point out the fact that it doesn’t resemble a circle any more.  I messed up a few spots when I was cutting but the overall cuteness is there still.    I have another project in the works with the Mod Podge I’ll be showing you this week.



Super Cute


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  1. Ugh! Super cute is an understatement! I not only love the project, but I LOVE the paper you chose! Did it adhere well? Sit well? Not harden up? So cute!

    P.S. I got the hardware for the buffet at Lowe's. :)