Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garage Sales

  1. I have recently started garage saling.  The makeovers around blogland are incredible I want in on it.  I started about a month ago and so far all I’ve come home with is toys for the boys.  That’s what happens when you take 2 4 yrs garage saling or I call it toy hunting.  They are completely into it.  I’ve been pretty happy with my finds…star wars helmet originally $30 I pd $5, transformer helmet originally $40, I pd $1 and she threw in a pair of speedo goggles for the boys, brand new baseball mitt for .25 a few odd toys all .25.  But this weekend on the way home from Walmart I spot THE sign…..I can’t read what it says… the way if your going to have a garage sale please make a LARGE very BOLD arrow…I can’t read your address in the fine print as I’m driving….then how about another sign at the front of your street again with a large bold arrow…anyway…I follow the cardboard box squares to the house and at first I don’t want to even stop but I’m there and now I have garage sale withdraw so I head up and what do I see a bottle for painting, (because so many are doing that now) something red (xmas) and a tier basket thing.   Don’t you wish I had a picture of it all….oh, no I’m not quite that good yet with the blog thing and remembering to get the pictures of the before's and after’s so this will have to do.  My mom took the tiered basket thing but here is what I kept.  Oh, and I had started painting the bottle when I realized I needed a before picture but imagine on the top of the bottle twine and a black lid.  I’ll post the after picture tomorrow, the paint is drying right now.   




  1. Hi Tamara !
    Nice to meet you...don't worry you will catch on ! So much fun to find things for the kiddos
    and saves a ton of money too ! You will find all kinds of great things and your spotting eye will develop - as mine has !
    Have fun ~
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  2. Welcome to the world of blogging. Oh you will catch on. I have been blogging since 11/08 and still learning. The only problem I have with blogging is - its addictive. Know what you mean about the heat - it has stopped a lot of my outside activities.

  3. Hi Tamara! Welcome to Blogland! You will find a ton of inspiration from all the many talented and clever bloggers! Just remember, keep camera handy at all times ;) We crave pictures! Lots of pictures!

    Blogging and thrifting are equally addictive! Once you make your first fabulous find you will never look back!

    You blog is lovely!



  4. Hi, Tamara, glad you got out there with your kids. And I'm glad you found some goodies.

    Just a heads up for you, when you join a party, add your thrifty post URL and not just your blog url, please! I fixed your link.

  5. Well you're doing great with your blog- my blog did not look this cute till at least 45 posts! and you do a great job reporting on the different stuff you do. kudos on the garage sale "treasure hunting" (that's what my 4 year old calls it). i should take a pic of the insane amount of toys we have! my rule is to always by them for practically nothing--- use them till he's done -- sell for at least triple (but still a discount to most). Everyone's happy! The economy is seriously having an effect on the art of garage saling. people are selling lesser nice things for much more. it's soooo tough. i don't go much now. i only go if it is a community garage sale now. and if that's the case-- it is WELL worth it to get a sitter or have a 'nana sleepover' the night before! one more tip--- i have taken my son with me since he was 1. My husband got me an extra set of keys with an alarm on it. i keep the dvd player going, a couple snacks (something that was pretty safe to eat), a/c on and i lock the car while parking it in eyesite. I never have had any incidents. i don't let him get down b/c most the time he would just want junk or be hard to manage around the pro-hunters. love the bottle! you did a great job with it- looks like something you'd get from pier 1!

  6. Tamara, sounds like we both have a love for garage saling. I enjoy reading your blog and I am now a follower. I hope you stop by and visit my blog (maybe you will follow me).
    When I go garage saling I have a 10yr, 8yr and a 2yr with me, talk about stressful. My girls love to buy little trinkets for their rooms. Happy garage saling.

  7. Hi! I am new to the blog world too but am totally hooked! Even though you’ve mainly found toys thus far it sounds like you found some great deals. Have you tried hitting up the local thrift stores and Good Wills? I usually have good luck with them. Happy blogging!