Thursday, July 2, 2009

I spent the morning in the Mohavi Dessert




This morning me and hubster went to Canton, TX.  Now we had been told  not go in the summer that fall is best.  Yeah, yeah our kids are gone we going, we love hot weather.  We got there around 10am, we couldn’t have been walking around for more than 30 minutes and there was sweat dripping and I don’t mean just a drop, I mean BUCKETS!!! are pouring off my forehead.  GROSS!  Oh, and I came SUPER prepared I froze each of us  2 bottles of water and brought  a snack bar for us.  We are going to make it through with all this for sure.   Let’s see I believe the water was thawed and drank by 10:45.  The snack bars didn’t make our of the car, the 1 1/2 hr drive will make you hungry!  So after about an hour we decide we need food to help us get through this……. or maybe it was the large fans blowing in the food court that drew us in.  Chad sits down and I realize his shirt is soaked with sweat and I don’t mean a little I mean there was nothing dry and everyone is staring at him, all you can do at this point is laugh hysterically.  So we eat our overpriced food and work up the courage to leave the fans.  We fill up our water bottles….okay now we have food and water we will make it the rest of the way.  So we trek on and 2 bottles of water later, it’s bound to be 2 hrs later and we’ve seen everything we need to see we head to the car…..we arrive at the car and open the door and fire  heat pours out of the car.  We crank the AC and get ready to take off……it had been 30 mins !!!!! from the time we finished lunch….go head laugh at us.   When we moved I was so excited to be moving to warmer climates and everyone said oh, wait until the summer the heat is unbearable.  I believe them now but I still love this place.


  1. Just reading this made me feel miserable. I HATE heat! Your 30 minute shopping spree sounds "fun"! :) Too funny!

  2. Well, if you liked Canton in the summer you will love it in the fall/winter/spring! Any season but summer!